Information about tests that can be used for the diagnosis of dyscalculia

Information about different dyscalculia tests

Short text about maths anxiety

List of symptoms

Interesting article about the affected brain areas

Therapy program for kids with dyscalculia on the smartphone and tablets. Developed in germany.

Tests – Diagnostic

Dyscalculia-test CODY-M 2-4 measures number processing, calculation, working memory and other core markers of dyscalculia.


Profile of Prof. Daniel Ansari from the , one of the leading scientist in the field of dyscalculia.

Profile of Prof. Brian Butterworth at the Database of the Institutional Research Information Service. You can find there a list of his publications.


Journal of Numerical Cognition

The Journal of Mathematical Behavior

Learning Disabilities: A Contemporary Journal


Detailed meta-study (100 pages!) that examines which methods are useful for children with math difficulties.

Good compilation of tips on how to practice certain areas.